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Что такое SEO-ссылки и зачем они нужны

Hey, associates! I used to be more often than not asked about one way links, about how you can promote sites utilising hyperlinks in current reality and i decided to report a sequence of videos wherein i will describe my perspective closer to hyperlinks in brief give an explanation for what it’s, what varieties of links are there, briefly tell about their historical past. In addition, i’ll disclose the realistic methods to construct up the reference weight on the site so as not to get underneath the filters and do everything as safely as feasible. However in this video we can talk on the whole about the theoretical moments, about what’s a reference, what traits the hyperlinks have. It is worth speakme about, so that there are no additional questions.To with, let’s outline what a link is A link is a software for navigating from one web page to an additional and it is invariably used within the context of two pages, i.E. If we think this, it is going to look like this: we’ve got a first site, from which there is a link to the second web page. Consequently, the primary site that’s referring, is referred to as a donor, and the web site that receives the link, to which the predominant link leads, is called acceptor. If we detail the hyperlink itself, i.E. This red arrow, we will see that the link contains the anchor. Anchor is the detail during which the transition happens. Traditionally it is text, but additionally it can be an photo. Each the anchor and the encircling text on the right and left are quite often considered within the same sentence.Extra, why we normally talk about links in the context of website promoting. Let’s take into account the historical past: there were no serps as such earlier than 1997. Sure, they existed, however of their infancy, and the web sites have been all grouped into special directories Yahoo was the most important one – search occurred inside this directory, maximum by means of key terms. I.E., for example, the more key words had been on the website online, the larger was once the position of this website in search results.That is the place all unsolicited mail, excess use of keyword phrases, spam in meta tags comes from. As a result, the results of the quest via this directory weren’t excellent sufficient and in 1997 the creators of Google have revolutionized the arena of search engines like google as a search, on account that they converted the thought of ranking, i.E. The location of web sites in search results utilizing a precise algorithm called Pagerank. The essence of this algorithm is that if site A puts link to the website online B, then website online A considers the web site B to be more authoritative, a i.E.He gives his voice to this website. Furthermore, if the website A has just one link to the site B, then it transmits all its voice. If there are two links to one-of-a-kind web sites, the quantity of votes is split in 1/2. And this principle, i.E. The extra links to the website, the better it will have to be located this web site in search results. It has revolutionized the search, as a search, on account that indeed, the more authoritative excellent sites started out to occupy the highest positions, seeing that they’d a huge quantity of first-rate hyperlinks.It worked except the moment when webmasters learned in regards to the affect of links on rating and began to purchase a massive quantity of hyperlinks to their sites. Given that the hyperlinks it was once the most important aspect of ranking, then they managed to promote many such sites, it was once like this during the entire 2000s, hyperlinks used to be the foremost instrument to promote sites. What occurred? Search engines like google grew to be inappropriate, i.E. Webmasters weren’t engaged within the development of their website online, content, usability, but simply purchased hyperlinks. Serps have realized that the high-quality of search is severely affected and began to fight such reference spammers, synthetic hyperlinks by way of utilizing specified filters, i.E.Algorithms that lowered web sites in the SERP or eliminated from SERP the websites that abused artificial approaches of promotion, particularly the purchase of a huge quantity of low-excellent hyperlinks. All this led to the fact that Googlenow has a Penguin filter, which is regularly up to date, Yandex has minusinks, and these filters are designed to combat the purchased hyperlinks. Sure, the affect of hyperlinks, respectively, reduced. I.E. If in 2000s links had been the predominant strategy to promote the web page, now, of course, it’s not like that. But hyperlinks nonetheless remain animportant aspect for website promotion, an important factor in the ranking algorithm of serps and also you have got to at the least recognize what’s a reference, how they work, and know find out how to construct a reference weight. Consequently, we need to speak about links, what traits they possess and one day we will be able to recall tips on how to construct up the reference weight for any sites. Now let’s talk in regards to the characteristics of a hyperlink and what traits the search process considers.There are three basic traits that is, the reference has a static weight, anchor weight, or as they are saying dynamic weight, and visitors or CTR, i.E. How many customers comply with this hyperlink. Hence, what is static weight? The more links lead to page 2, the better the static weight this web page has. And if one web page leads to a few web page from this page, it transfers full static weight. If there are more than one hyperlinks, the static weight is split by the number of hyperlinks. Anchor weight. Anchor weight is a characteristic of a link, which is dependent upon its anchor; and the nearer the anchor textual content to a certain keyword, the bigger the anchor weight. The hunt uses this know-how to strengthen the excellent of the SERP, since this text, the textual content of the anchor, says so much about what’s contained on the website without loading further pages. So, everything is clear with traffic, with what number of persons navigate by using the hyperlink.Then you will recognize why I advised you this expertise. Now briefly about what sorts of links are there. Links are divided into active and inactive ones. Inactive hyperlink is a hyperlink that’s just written via text, there is not any hyperlink mechanism, you can’t click on it and there can be no transition. As a way to go to the web site, the user will have to copy this deal with or the interior web page, paste into the deal with bar of the browser and press Enter. Next, the lively hyperlink. An active hyperlink is a link a good way to redirect you somewhere when clicked. Where can the transition occur? I.E. Lively links are divided into direct hyperlinks and redirect links. Redirect hyperlink is a hyperlink, handle of which does not fit the page, to where the transition happens.What does it imply? That means, you click on the sort of link, some address opens and in a microsecond there is a redirect to a further deal with. These links are used in particular on sites with a enormous number of one-way links to exceptional websites, with a purpose to no longer provide away all their weight. Subsequent, direct hyperlinks. I.E. These are the hyperlinks, which redirect you to the web page, to which the hyperlink leads. Direct links are divided into textual content hyperlinks and links-pics. That’s, the link-photo is the form of links that you just stumble upon daily, i.E. Some variety of banners, a photo, which redirects you someplace when clicked. Textual content links are probably the most popular hyperlinks, they have got some definite anchor text, and such text links are divided according to the varieties of anchors.And so, the anchor will also be direct; what it way? Because of this we now have some form of key phrase and anchor of a hyperlink, its text is exactly the equal as this key phrase. We now have a website on percentwindows, the keyword is p.C.Windows, so an instantaneous hyperlink with direct anchor shall be %windows, just plastic, plastic home windows. Additional, diluted anchors. I.E. We’ve got percentwindows, every other word or a number of words are added to this key phrase. For illustration, the pleasant p.C.Windows: %windows is a key, the pleasant – one other phrase. And the phrase best %windows is a hyperlink. Subsequent, the so-called no-anchor hyperlinks. What does it mean? This implies we’ve the anchor and this anchor, its some textual content, is a very standard phrase. For illustration, link, source, here, click here, the record will also be large i.E.Search for this word cannot signify the contents of the web page where this hyperlink leads. Or, for illustration, link text can also be represented with the aid of a URL, internet site URL, acceptor URL. Or, for instance, we’ve got a manufacturer of some kind on the web site, let’s say percentwindows grasp, then this kind of hyperlink without anchor may also be in the form of a simple company "%windows master" and this will be a hyperlink. Now let’s deviate from this question and speak concerning the nofollow attribute.What style of attribute is it? As we recall that the quest actively struggled with spammers, with these site owners who provided a significant quantity of hyperlinks, it has come up with a certain attribute, in view that its masters used now not handiest handbook linking but also computerized one. For example, when some guestbook, blog, forum on these web sites have been spammed by way of a gigantic number of hyperlinks within the computerized mode and such website online, respectively, gave all its weight to such terrible first-rate resources. And the search came up with a option to fight spammers, so they only had no expertise to position such links, primarily, the nofollow attribute. This attribute used to be automatically delivered to the reference and wholly stopped weight switch. As a consequence, in the feedback, forums, social networks, any link automatically is utilized such an attribute, i.E. A site that gives its link does not lose anything, or, for example, within the case of promoting. Next, I disbursed all forms of hyperlinks on a targeted graph, I linked the types of links to the weight of a certain variety of hyperlinks can transfer to an acceptor site.The classical search engine optimization-hyperlink is a link with direct or diluted anchor, it transfers each static and anchor weight, i.E. It’s the best case. Simply static weight is transferred via anchorless links and image hyperlinks, due to the fact that there is not any anchor, or the quest can’t examine what type of anchor it is just static weight is transferred. And inactive hyperlinks don’t switch something.It’s clear: you are not able to even click on on it. Redirect hyperlinks – the whole thing is zeroes at the second of transition to the principal web page, acceptor.Links with nofollow attribute – as we have already talked before, automated weight transfer is disabled. And links closed from indexing, i.E. For Yandex it is as follows: Yandex search doesn’t see the sort of hyperlink, or, for example, for Google, Yandex this is closing by means of the service file robots.Txt, or by means of a metatag. Now that you can say: let’s handiest buy direct diluted hyperlinks and put them totally free, on account that they transmit both static and anchor weight. Why do we’d like these hyperlinks? Sure, that’s the way it used to be done, all used direct, diluted anchors and the quest started to fight with such links. Search engines like google have expertise about all web sites on the planet and they comprehend what a natural reference profile appears like.What’s a common reference profile? These are links to the web page, which were not purchased, no longer manually entered by way of a webmaster, and by hook or by crook appeared independently. Let’s imagine an instance: a girl has made a website online with recipes, and he or she publishes excessive exceptional recipes with snap shots, textual content, other girls comment all these recipes. How will the hyperlinks to the sort of website look like? Most of the time, all a good way to be to start with are hyperlinks from social networks, i.E. Women will alternate links with each other in distinct social networks and the hunt sees it. Next forums, there will likely be some hyperlink trade on forums, within the feedback. Possibly someone will submit a no-anchor link, for instance, of their weblog or someplace else, or will share a snapshot of some salad with a hyperlink to this web site. What we see, we see that simplest non-basic seo-hyperlinks are put on sites.And only in the ideal case links with direct or diluted anchor will appear. I.E. The hunt knows what the typical reference profile appears like. And we will have to try to make sure that the reference profile of our site, even with the consideration that we can buy these links, imitates the nature of all hyperlinks. I.E. We will have to no longer discard lively, redirection, nofollow, noindex, non-anchor, photo links. We must use all varieties of hyperlinks, considering that it’s extremely fundamental to avoid getting into the hunt engine filter for making use of purchased hyperlinks and utilising the direct anchor. On this i’ve everithink.Within the next video we well speak about how from the sensible point of view the development of links looks. Where to buy them? Where am i able to put them without spending a dime? What forms of links should i exploit? How fast should I expand? And far more. If you have any questions, ask them in the feedback. Excellent success!.