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Drupal: Configuring the appropriate modules for a Drupal site |

Drupal will need content for us the theme around but before we can add any content we should make sure Drupal is finished being set up this includes enabling any modules our site will require so let’s review which models need to be enabled and why so to get to the modules administration screen we actually need to go through the administer link and then modules which is here on the right column and we will now be presented with a whole list of modules now remember these are only the standard Drupal modules that come with Drupal 6 nothing new has been added so the modules will need are the ones that revolve around content so that means the aggregator module needs to be enabled and this will be used for any RSS feeds we would like to consume within the site the blog module will be turned on because the owners of the site wish to have a blog will be theming that later the comment module should be on especially when you’re using blogs this will allow visitors of the site to actually comment on the content the menu module should be enabled as well because we will actually be using the primary navigation menu that Drupal provides so this module is needed I also want you to turn on the path module because we want to actually supply custom URLs to all our node types that we’ll be saving throughout the title the search module needs to be on as well because we’re going to have a global search box that will appear at the top header and the upload module is the last module that needs to be turned on this upload module allows us to have file attachments on any node as we’ll learn later is how we will actually be uploading photos for the content so click Save configuration and once that’s done and we see that there’s a success message we can actually now move to building the site and its content a membership to unlocks this entire course and hundreds of others visit to learn more

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