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Local SEO: Outrank 99.9% Of People After This Video (real examples)

welcome to this video about local SEO today we’re gonna be talking about how you can pretty much outrank 99.9% of people after watching this video now a lot of people in this community like to overcomplicate local SEO after watching this video you’re going to see exactly how simple it is and why the other people who are complicating it are completely wasting their time so without further ado let’s jump into the video so the first thing I want to talk about is the three pillars of local SEO if you focus all of your attention on these three things you’re going to rank I’ll rank 99.9% of people it’s that simple so what are these pillars the first one is content the second one is traffic and the third one is links we’re going to be going through exactly why it’s a combination of bees free that makes local SEO work and it’s exactly how you can outrank your competitors because your competitors are going to be focusing on ten or twenty different things you’re going to be focusing on three and you’re going to be doing that extremely well which means that you’re going to have the advantage so let’s talk about content content / on-page it can be broken down into four main categories so the first one being domain or URL if you have a website and you’re trying to rank for a keyword that keyword needs to either be in your domain or it needs to be in your url so let me give you an example let’s say that you’re trying to rank Bob’s plumbing code so you’ve already got plumbing in the domain name right Bob’s plumbing cocom you’ve already got plumbing in the domain name so you don’t need to put it you don’t need to put the plumbing in the duct in the URL for the second time because then you’re over optimizing so you can actually keep it as just services if you’re trying to rank for plumbing services you have it in the domain and you are all put together another example of this would be lets say clicks from we’re trying to rank for SEO services it would have to be clicks from search com4 slash SEO services we would need to have it in the URL in order to rank for that keyword page title actually do you know what instead of talking about it let me just show you an example of a keywords and you’re going to see exactly why the people on the first page are ranking based on these four things so the keyword is Los Angeles personal injury attorney so let’s have a quick look copy and paste that go into an incognito tab so it doesn’t affect the results so the first one here what do we notice Los Angeles personal injury attorney all in the domain name that they’re literally ranking their homepage because they have that keyword in their domain name and the second most important factor is the page title right they also have Los Angeles personal injury attorney in the title as well now let’s look at the third one headings if we take a look at the quick the website we can see the headings that they’re using there we go Los Angeles personal injury attorney and they’re talking about why you need a personal injury attorney so this as you can see this website the on page is geared towards ranking for Los Angeles personal injury attorney and that is exactly why they are ranking all of their competitors if we take a look at the content they’ve probably mentioned it once or twice as well in the content okay so let’s take a look at the content so they’ve mentioned they’re here don’t mention it below here so they’ve mentioned it a couple more than a couple times more than a few times now an algorithm is a robot right so it’s going to read the words that you give it so if the domain name is Los Angeles personal injury attorney the title is Los Angeles personal injury attorney you have h1 tags that say Los Angeles personal injury attorney and you have that in the content sprinkled in a few times what do you think and how gu rhythm is going to say about what do you think the algorithm is going to see your website as it’s pretty simple they’re gonna see as a Los Angeles personal injury attorney and that’s right now that’s why they’re on page one I mean this is one of the factors we’re gonna get into the up ones in a bit but this is the this is why they are ranking all of their competitors so this one right here is a bit of an authority site and so is this one well let’s take a look at this one so this one they don’t even have Los Angeles personal injury in the in the URL or the in the URL all the domain but they do have it in the title which is the second most important element when it comes to on-page SEO so let’s take a look at their website and the h1 tags that they’ve used okay so in this case they actually haven’t even used it as one word in in the h1 tags or the h2 tags it just goes to show that there are many different ways to approach SEO and it’s not a one-size-fits-all so this website has ranking page number one the reason why they’re ranking number one is because they’ve ticked all the on-page SEO boxes the reason why this website is in the fourth position is because they’re only taking like one or two of the boxes out of the four and of course we’re gonna be talking about traffic and links later on but if your competitors are utilizing every single element that they possibly can then why not do the same I mean they could have easily had los angeles personal injury lawyers as as their as a slug within their URL so now would have given them a massive massive boost so that’s weak that’s really all I want to talk about let’s talk about another example so Harris personal injury com so they already have personal injury within the domain name right so that means they already all they need to do is add Los Angeles into the slug and include it in the URL see they’ve got personal injury Los Angeles personal injury lawyers in the domain name as well I mean in the title now Google can tell Google’s algorithm can tell that a lawyer and an attorney are pretty much the same thing so they fall on the same category is it so so you don’t necessarily need to use the exact words it’ll rank for that word you can use the synonyms or as well but as you can see they put it in their H tags over here they put it here personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles they’re ticking all the boxes and I’m pretty sure they have in their content as well let’s have a look if I can tie it properly all right so they’ve got here a couple of times or once even once in the closet look when you’re ticking three out of four of these boxes so it’s in the it’s in your domain it’s in your URL it’s in your page title the key word it’s in your headings and it’s in your content it just doesn’t need to be like 10 20 times it can be once or twice because these free first are the most important so I think that’s free examples of three completely different websites and I can already tell you right now the only reason why this website isn’t ranking above this website here is probably because this website has more relevant links that’s probably the only reason that we’re going to be looking into this little bit later on in the video so you’ll get to see exactly why this website is ranking above this website which is actually better on optimized on page okay so let’s move on to the second pillar of local SEO this is traffic now traffic is a key key component to low quest your any type of SEO the reason is because Google wants to showcase brands that are trusted and brands that have been around for a long time so what do I mean by this let’s talk about a branded traffic first let’s take a look at the first example right here I mean this one isn’t really this website was was put up strictly to rank on this page like this some some SEO somewhere has done this right but if we take a look at the actual name of the business so let’s type that in okay so we’ve typed in the actual brand name that they’ve used the website to get to that first position but this is what they’re actually cool so if we type that into Google as you can see there is a search volume on average of 70 people searching for them per month now why is this important think about it this way right if you’re if you’re an algorithm and you have to decide who to showcase in position one or page one who are you go who are you going to trust let me get the white board out let me show you this exactly what I mean by this let’s get rid of that all right so let’s get into it so let’s say that this is the website now we’re talking about right now Koen and mars band so this is their this is the brand and let’s just say that they’ve been around for 10 years we’re just making this up right now I don’t know if they’ve been around for 10 years but let’s just say they are or they have been so let’s say that along with just SEO they also they also invest in other forms of advertising so some examples of this can be offline advertising like radio so let’s say they do radio let’s say they do local newspaper ads let’s say that they do direct mail and let’s say let me just write tag these out so local newspapers and then Direct Mail and let’s say they’re advertised on Facebook as well now along with all of these traffic sources they’re also getting organic traffic from actually no we’re talking about brownly traffic so let’s just stick to let’s just stick to these free or these four so let’s say that they’re focusing on these things and because they’re they’re investing in advertising with these things they’re building their brand right when somebody hears about their law firm on the radio what do they do if they need their services they go onto google they type this in and this is why there is a search volume behind it now when any brand has search volume behind their brand name which means they’re getting brand traffic it increases the websites trust in Google’s eyes because who would you rather if you’re an algorithm and you have to decide who you have to trust will you trust the website that’s been around for 10 years who’s you know advertising on the radio local radio the local newspapers they’re sending out direct mail whatever it is that they’re doing offline to generate these searches for their brand would you trust that website or would you trust the website that gets no searches for its brand no no traffic from you know trusted Authority websites like Facebook and you know they’ve been running for six six months to eight months of course you’re going to trust the brand that have built their reputation up offline and online and traffic you know branded traffic or direct traffic from higher authority sources like Facebook or Instagram or Yelp yellow pages all of this sort of stuff when you when Google sees that you’re getting traffic from other sources apart from Google they reward you we’re gonna be talking about we’re gonna be breaking this down further in a couple more slides but just understand right now that when a website is getting branded and direct traffic from other sources they’re getting branded traffic from Google but they’re getting direct traffic from other sources like Facebook Instagram and so on when they’re getting these things when this traffic is coming in it shows Google that they’re a trusted brand and if they’re a brand that people are searching for people want to see so I think I’ve talked about that enough now let’s move on to links so why are links a major ranking signal so we’re gonna be talking about why links are so important and why people who say that it’s not all about link building are completely wrong so before we get into it I just wanna talk about this algorithms are created to ensure users have the best possible experience this is why algorithms are created if you went onto Google one day and you searched for a plumber in London and a dentist came up you wouldn’t really be using Google anymore if that happened enough times you would go to their competitors and use their competitor so Google has to make sure that the search results they’re giving you or accurate even if you search for a plumber in London and you ended up getting a plumber in Manchester that’s not really it of any use to you so they need to make sure that they’re giving you the results that are going to best suit your needs so if that being said which restaurant would you go to now I’ll hit bear with me we’re gonna get into exactly why this is important which restaurant would you go to would you go to restaurant eight who has three point six dollars and eighty-eight people who have rated it we all would you go to restaurant B who has 48 4.8 stars and 404 people have rated it now let’s just say these restaurants are located in a very very similar area and the price point is exactly the same but website a has 3.6 from sauce and website B has 4.8 and more people who have reviewed it which restaurant would you go to now if we gave this to an algorithm and we said we want you to put the best restaurant in front of the user first which where which restaurant do you think that algorithm is going to serve to the user it’s going to be B it’s obvious so let’s move on to this which product would you buy let’s say you’re scrolling through Amazon and you find the product let’s say like wireless headphones for example and let’s say that the products are identical and the price point is very similar would you go for a or would you go for B now you might be thinking they’ve both got four and a half stars so you know it doesn’t really matter which one you go for but I would ask you to question your thought process in that moment because no matter what you’re going to see that even though both of them have a rating of four point five one of them only has 16 reviews whilst the other one has 282 reviews which means that more people have vouched for product B so I’m not saying this is the case all the time but you are more likely to go for B if it’s exactly the same product at a very similar price point so let’s talk about the traffic that we talked about earlier and some sort of breaking down the factors to show you exactly why content traffic and links is exactly and everything that you need to be focusing on anything else can come afterwards if you want to increase their website speed go ahead if you want to increase the user experience on the website go ahead that’s the work you’re going to be doing to get the remaining twenty percent of the results so with that all being said let’s get let’s get into an example and break this down okay so the example is going to be this let’s say that we’re working with a plumber in Miami and we want to rank them for that keyword plumber in Miami so say a let’s have a look at site a it’s called a’s plumbing services they’ve been around for six months they have 489 referring domains and 40,000 backlinks but these sites mostly have nothing to do with plumbing business or Miami they’re random sites like dog sites and mummy blogs and there’s really no correlation between them and a plumber in Miami and on top of that nobody’s actually searching for a plumbing services and mix and the site there’s no traffic from other or foreign key web sites like Facebook or Yelp now the question at the Star Wars which website is an algorithm going to trust more we’ve had a look at site a now let’s have a look at site B it’s B’s plumbing services I know it’s very original so been around for 10 years which is considerably longer than day’s plumbing services which means that their domain is going to have that age that power from the age so second point their website has 87 referring domains only 87 compared to 489 but most of these sites are relevant to business like Yellow Pages Yelp Chamber of Commerce and other plumbing and Miami related or relevant sites and on top of that a hundred people on average every single month search for B’s plumbing services because of the ads that they run on the radio and local newspapers they also receive direct traffic from their Facebook advertising now you’re an algorithm it’s a thing like an algorithm for a second somebody types in plumber in Miami you have the option of showing them site a first or you have the option of showing them site B first if you had to give yourself the highest possible chance of making that user happy which site are you going to show them and with all of that being said I want to rest my case content traffic and links focus on these free things whilst the other people focus on you know 10 to 20 other different things which is which I’m also great I’m not saying they’re great do one or the other I’m saying the majority of your attention on your focus if you put it into contact traffic and links you outrank 99.9% of people and that is a fact I can give you example after example like the one we talked about at the beginning with Los Angeles personal injury attorney do you know what let’s actually take a look at some of the links that they have okay so let’s take a look at the first website and take a look at the kind of backlinks that they have and the kind of referring domains that are pointing to that website so as you can see straight off the bat this website is extremely powerful the domain rating is 70 they have over 200 referring domains and I’m going to go out on a wild guess here and say that a lot of them are relevant and they also have some age as well they’ve been around they’ve been around for around 3 years so the domain has age they have some they have quite a lot quite a higher number of links and yeah now let’s look at look at them referring them in so we scroll down right even on the first page like the lowest domain rank rating that’s points to this website is 71 so they’re they’re getting they’re getting links from some very very very powerful sites and let’s take a look at their anchor text all right so taking a look at their anchor text for a portfolio I can tell you it like straight off the bat that they’re over optimized for this keyword like even if they were trying to go after this he word and they they have a page dedicated to this keyword if they have all these links pointing to that page they’re probably not even on page one let me just see nope nope nope yep so they’re not even on page one and the reason for this is because they’re over optimized for that keyword now let’s just pretend that the top line here isn’t there apart from that they have done everything perfectly like this is what you want natural anchor texts they look like this is what natural antics should look like because if you’re going about building links the correct way for building your brand creating great content and people linking to you naturally there should be no reason why you should have a bunch of anchor text like this like 35 referring domains just for that it’s it looks way way way way too minute ballades in Google’s eyes so that’s why they’re not they’re not even ranking on page one for that keyword they’ve probably been almost penalized both for that keyword so let’s take a look at the second site one assumption I can make even before putting this in here is that does I mean it the main rating is lower I don’t know if they have less referring domains so you have more this is a perfect example so they have more referring domains and more backlinks if I remember correctly so let’s say you look at the referring domains I mean once again there it’s powerful it’s they’ve got some powerful powerful powerful links so why is the first one ranking above this one right here do you remember how I said if they had Los Angeles personal injury lawyers in the URL they would be doing Weibo well this is exactly why simply because they don’t have the keyword in their domain or URL they’re being outranked by this website who has less links but it’s still ranking number one why because they’ve taken advantage of the four core elements of on-page SEO and they have the key word in the domain I can pretty much guarantee that if they had this the keyword in the URL they would be out ranking this website just based on the the the referring domains that are pointed to this website like there’s some powerful powerful websites here and if you remember if you remember on the first page the lowest one was seventy one for the other side here it’s 85 now I don’t know this doesn’t give us a clear picture I don’t have a four account here so I can’t see exactly the kind of links that they have pointers to them but if this trend continues and they have a high authority websites linking to their site then you know if it was lost if it was like this let me just write this out I don’t know if I’ve misspelled at that but if they had it if they had it like this they would be our ranking Java guys easy peasy no problem so let’s take a look at a first website that we had a look at and they’re referring domains so yeah clearly like you can tell so they’ve done they’ve done everything perfectly right let’s get back to that so let they’ve done everything perfectly they have their keywords in the domain /url as well they have it in the title I don’t think they had it in their H ones or they have it in their H ones and they have it sprinkled into the content so they’ve done their on-page perfectly right but you just need links like at this point they just need links and it seems like it’s a relatively new website oh no they’ve been going for a while so they have they have aged as well it’s just they need links and it’s it’s crazy because they’re ranking on page one we’ve literally I mean this is only picking up a certain amount of links right there ATF’s isn’t perfect it doesn’t pick up every single link possible but that being said the numbers are extremely low and yet they’re still on page one because they’ve done they’re on page correctly and I’m gonna go out on a wild guess here and say that they’re also doing quite well in terms of brand traffic let’s just have a look yeah there we go so Harry’s personal injury gets 490 searches on average every single month so the combination of gray on page with traffic and some powerful links only a handful of powerful links and their ranking on page one for a keyword you know that has a cost per click of $137 I’m telling you right now let’s just go back onto it onto the PowerPoint because I’ve I think I’ve proven my case here like I said before focus on these three things and you’ll outrank 99.9% of people and if you don’t then it’s because you’re even not generating enough traffic you’ve missed one of the the core elements of on-page SEO or you’re just not building strong enough links it’s that simple so I hope you enjoyed this video if you learned something from it make sure to leave a like I’m going to be releasing weekly videos every single Tuesday on this channel going through exactly how you can literally focus take away all the all the distractions from SEO and focus on the stuff that actually works and the stuff that actually matters so if you want to see more videos subscribe make sure to comment below what you learned from this video and how you’re going to implement it I look forward to seeing you in the next video my name is Vulcan Doug hatch thank you for watching see you next time

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